Safety Pumice Perch™

Safety Pumice Perch™

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This award winning perch is one of the best known and respected in the industry.  In the wild, birds are exposed to a wide variety of textured surfaces that are mother nature’s way of keeping their nails and beaks conditioned. Only the SF&B Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ gives your bird the comfort grip for their tender pads and a textured pumice surface needed for keeping nails in a healthy state of trim.  And there is no concrete here - just strong plastic and pumice.  Birds and professionals love it!

  • Patented design with smooth comfort grip on top and pedicure pumice on sides for grip and nail health
  • Safety cap to mount perch - no metal hardware sticking out of your cage
  • One of the lightest perches available
  • No concrete surface
  • Stimulates leg muscles and promotes healthy feet
  • Non-toxic and safe for your bird
  • Patent 6.619.236

X-small: finches, canaries, small budgies, lovebirds, and other similar size birds.

Small: Conures, Lories, Cockatiels, and other similar size birds.

Medium: Pionus, small Cockatoos, Timneh Greys, and other similar size birds.

Large: African Greys, Amazons, and other similar sized birds.

X-Large: Cockatoos and Macaws, and other similar size birds.

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