How many characters can go on a band?

It depends on the size. For very small bands, try to keep it to 10. For small bands, 15. Large bands, 25. Some bands can accommodate two lines of text. We can always add more text by shrinking the font, but this may make it harder to read. For stamped bands, there is a limit of 13 characters, not including spaces.

I need these ASAP, can I pay a rush fee?

For now, just let us know you need them ASAP and we'll do our best. You may want to choose Priority shipping at checkout, but please note that this does not effect how long it takes us to make the bands and get them ready for shipping. In the future we may offer rushed processing for a fee.

I paid for overnight shipping, why is it taking longer?

I still need time to make the bands. The extra money you paid goes to the shipping company, not me. Once they are done I will ship them via the method you chose in checkout.

Are these laser-engraved or stamped?

Most are laser-engraved. When I say that, though, I think that people imagine a laser printer. In fact, the process involves using a high-powered laser beam to burn away aluminum or steel. It literally cuts the letters into the material. That's why it lasts so long. On stainless bands, the laser cuts deeper into the metal. On aluminum, the engraving will always appear white. On stainless steel, it will be black.

We also offer stamped stainless steel bands, which are more rust-resistant. There is no benefit to stamping aluminum bands vs laser-engraving.

Why are your sizes different from other sellers?

I use metric sizes. A 5mm band has an internal diameter of 5mm. If you are used to ordering using a different size system, this sheet may help you: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sXTXOJ91P2TPnbiduG432u86BpVLhl7M/view?usp=sharing

When should I use an open or closed band?

Closed bands go on chicks' legs when they are 10-14 days old. Within a day or two their feet grow and the band can not be removed without being cut. It is a permanent marking system and the best way to prove that a bird is yours. Open bands can go on birds of any age. They are convenient for use on older birds or birds that were never banded as a chick. However, larger birds can often pry them open or crush them onto their legs. Therefore, they are not recommended for use on large birds, and especially not for long-term use.

When should I use a Tall or Short band?

Some bands specify whether they are Tall or Short. This is because some of our customers (particularly those with parrots) found some of our bands too tall for their birds' stubby legs. In response, we've introduced this choice. In general, when the choice is available, I would recommend Tall bands for pigeons, doves and similar birds. I recommend Short bands for parrots and other birds with short legs.

When should I use stamped or laser-engraved bands?

Laser-engraving stainless steel damages the barrier of chromium protecting the steel from rust. This means that the engraved part of the band is slightly more susceptible to rust than the rest of the band. For the average pet owner, this is not going to be an issue. But, if you are near the sea, in a humid environment, or your birds spend a lot of time in water I would recommend stamped bands. Stamping is currently only available in bands 13mm or larger, but we are working on accommodating smaller sizes as well.

 Why should I band my birds?

Banding is primarily used by breeders to tell chicks apart. More importantly, it can be used to trace a bird's origins and lineage, thus preventing inbreeding. Some birds are rare in captivity, and this is of monumental importance. Some states and countries mandate banding certain species. It can also be used to prove that a bird is yours if it ever escapes or is stolen.  

Are leg bands dangerous?

If used correctly, the risk is very minimal. Oversized bands can get caught on things in a bird's environment. Undersized bands can restrict blood-flow to the leg. Some birds may pick at their bands, which is usually not a problem, but may become one if the band is not strong enough. This is why we often recommend stainless steel bands. Problems can be prevented by using properly-sized bands at the appropriate age and taking care when applying. Some vaseline may be used if the foot is only slightly too big for the band, but do not force it. If you experience problems, go to your vet and they can remove the band.

Why am I having problems checking out with Paypal?

If you are ordering enough bands to get a quantity discount, you may not be able to check out with Paypal. This is because of reasons outside of my understanding. If you need to use Paypal, message or email me and I can send you an invoice.

I chose the wrong size or made a typo in the engraving, can I get replacements or a refund?

We cannot give replacements or refunds for such instances. Please double-check what you tell us to engrave and use your best judgement in determining the size. We can give suggestions but you are responsible for the final decision. We can provide samples when requested. However, if there was a mistake on our end, please contact us for replacements or a refund.

What is "Guide Package Protection" and why is it in my cart?

Guide is a company that we work with to insure our orders. For a small fee they insure that your order gets to you in whole and undamaged. UPS and USPS offer $100 of insurance on all shipments, but this does not cover instances where your package is delivered to the wrong address or is stolen off of your porch after delivery. Guide covers those instances as well. If you do not want insurance, you may remove Guide from your cart, but please be aware that American Bird Bands is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Can you process orders from tax-exempt entities?

Yes. Please create an account and then email me your tax exempt certificate and I will mark your account as "tax exempt". At this time, we are not required to collect sales taxes on orders from outside of Maryland,  but this may change in the future.

What kind of organizations and businesses do you usually work with?

While most of our orders are from private breeders, we have also had the pleasure of working with conservation organizations, researchers, zoos, aquariums, avicultural societies, state governments and the federal government. You may find our bands on migrating purple martins, wild parrots in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as the birds at your local pet store.