Split/Open Aluminum Leg Bands

Split/Open Aluminum Leg Bands

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MINIMUM ORDER OF 15 LEG BANDS OF SAME SIZE. Please note that when closed, the inner diameter (ID) of the bands is reduced by about .5mm.

These are split bands which are put on birds older than 10-14 days. Most sizes are applied with special pliers, which you can find here: https://americanbirdbands.com/collections/band-closing-pliers

Larger sizes (14mm and up) can be closed very carefully with channel-lock pliers.

Some bands specify whether they are "Tall" or "Short". Some breeders prefer short bands, especially for birds with stubby legs. Others may prefer tall bands because they are easier to read and can accommodate two lines of text. Unless otherwise noted, all sizes 6.5mm and under are short and all sizes 11mm and larger are tall.

Most sizes are available in purple, green, gold, red, blue and black.

For size suggestions, please click here.

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