Split/Open Stainless Steel Leg Bands

Split/Open Stainless Steel Leg Bands

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These are split bands which are put on birds older than 10-14 days. Most sizes are applied with special pliers, which you can find here: https://americanbirdbands.com/collections/band-closing-pliers

Because larger bands can be difficult to open, we recommend using Multi-Band Opening Pliers for sizes 8mm and larger: https://americanbirdbands.com/products/multi-band-opening-pliers-free-shipping

Larger sizes (13mm and up) can be closed very carefully with channel-lock pliers. All sizes other than 10mm are short.

No colors available. Laser engraved. Stainless steel is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum and is recommended for all medium and large hookbills.

For size recommendations, please click here.

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