Stamped Closed Stainless Steel Leg Bands

Stamped Closed Stainless Steel Leg Bands

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No colors available. These bands are stamped, not laser-engraved. The main benefit of stamping is that stamped bands are more rust-resistant than laser-engraved bands. If you have waterfowl or live in a very humid or marine environment we strongly recommend getting stamped bands. Smaller band sizes are not able to be stamped at this time.

For stamped bands 10mm and larger, there is a maximum of 13 characters, not including spaces. For 8mm and 9mm, the maximum is 10 characters.

Stainless steel is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum and is recommended for all medium and large hookbills.

These bands are made for hookbills and so have thick walls to keep them from getting crushed by powerful beaks. Bands marked "Thin-Wall" are slightly cheaper and are suitable for smaller birds or birds with less powerful beaks, such as poultry and waterfowl.

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